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I had to draw the babes

Oh my god how long has it been—-

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"EY GIRLRIGINAL IF YER NICKNAM'S "FEMMY" DEN CAN M'NICKNAME BE "MANLY"?!" Drunk Rawrgna's on a roll tonight, it seems.


"Whatever floats yer boat~"

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((you are a cutieeee


"Am not!"


"You leave for a little bit, and you get overrun!"

((Hello everyone again! Guess who’s back? Probably me! And to celebrate this return, there’s a bunch more Hazama’s and Terumi’s added to the family! Please welcome Phanterumi, Goodzama, and Hazombie!))

So in case anyone’s been wonderin’ why I disappeared, here’s my reason(s). 

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"Oi, 'm bored, do somethin' with me."


"This is a first. So, what could I do for ‘ya?”

"Honestly, anything sounds pretty damn good as of now…I’m totally fine just ta have the company." With a small groan she leaned against the male, shifting her gaze to meet his. "But if ya got any ideas yourself, feel free to share."

The Starter/Connections Meme!


Let’s cut to the chase. I wanna RP. You wanna RP. Let’s do it. Don’t be shy. Send in one or more of the following symbols to my ask:

☮ - For me to post a starter. (if I feel inspired to make one)

☼ - If you’d like our characters to be friends.

✿ - If you want to try a romantic relationship with my character.

❅ - If you’d like our characters to be enemies or rivals.

♥ - If you just want to RP, and see where it goes.

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-casually watches everyone-

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"Well, that got your attention, didn't it?"

"There are plenty of other ways to get my attention, I guarantee. What do ya want, anyway?"

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"..."the woman stared at the other


-Stares right on back-